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Guided Munro Bagging

The Munros are the distinctive mountains of Scotland that exceed 3000 feet above sea level. The number of them varies from time to time as more accurate surveys discover that one peak is higher or lower than first thought. Currently there are 282 of them. (February2014)

Munro bagging is something that is addictive to some hill walkers; they have just got to climb them all. Some do it at any time of year, some do them only in winter. 

Guided Hill Walks in Glen Shiel and kintail

Guided Hill Walks in Glen Shiel and kintail

The Far, Far North West of Scotland 

This is an opportunity over 5 days to summit some of Scotland remote and iconic Munros and Corbertts. The area holds peaks such as Stac Pollaidh, Cul Beag, Suilven, Cul Mor, Quinag, Glas Bheinn, Conival, Ben More Assynt to name but a few.  You will need personal hill walking equipment.

Far, Far North West Scotland Course Dates
2019 TBC
By arrangement for 4 or more

course fee £
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The Corbetts are the Scottish hills that are between 2,500ft to 3,000ft in height. You may think that these mountains would be much duller than the Munros. That is amatter of personal taste!  However,many of the Corbetts provide a great walk and can be very demanding.   For a top to be classified a Corbett, is must be over 2500 feet but also have at least 500ft of ascent from the surrounding hills - this guarantees that you'll know you've reached the top!. There are some stunning Corbetts around, the Cobbler, Quinag, Beinn Damh, Fionaven and Goatfell to pick out a few.  

Guided Winter Walking

These one, two or mores days winter walking holidays are suitable for those who have summer walking skills but who haven’t had much chance to get out into the hills in winter. Also, they are a great opportunity to brush up on navigation skills and bag a few Munros.We will look at basic navigation skills, including the basic use of the map and compass on the hill. Other techniques are also introduced – using handrails, collecting points and tick-off features, aiming off, timing and pacing and relocation skills. Also, time will be spent considering contour lines and how they relate to the land features we see around us. This intrioduction will give you more confidence to head off on your own

Guided winter hill walks and skill

Scottish wild and remote expeditions.

Black mountains,   Glen Affric,   Grey Corries and  Ben Alder

Expeditions of several days duration into Scotland’s wild and remote wilderness. The can use a combination of walking, mountain biking and/ or open canoeing. Some of them are linear expeditions picking off a numbers of Munros as you journey over several days. Others access a base location from where we can tackle some of Scotland’s more remote Munro summits. They use a combination of camping, biviing and bothies.  

Scottish wild and remote expeditions