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Mountain TrainingIntroducing the New Lowland Leader Award from Mountain Training

Syllabus includes: 

Route planning, basic map work, equipment, dealing with hazards, leadership and group management, environmental and access awareness. 

Training and assessment total 32 hours.
Exemption from training available for suitably experienced candidates 
Additional Expedition Skills module available.
Registration £42 – including new on-line log-book for recording experience

Who is is for?

The award is for those who wish to lead groups on day walks in lowland countryside and woodland in summer conditions.

How will it work? 

Candidates will:

Register on the scheme and begin recording their experience in the Digital Logbook (Dlog)

Attend a two day training (minimum duration of course is 16 hours)

Attend an assessment, again two days or 16 hours minimum

Will I need a first aid qualification?

Yes, prior to assessment you must attend and complete a first aid course of a minimum duration of sixteen hours. First aid courses designed to cater for those working outdoors away from immediate assistance are recommended.

I have done Mountain Leader/Hill and Moorland Leader training. Can I skip Lowland Leader Training?

Yes you can. There is no formal exemption process, just show your assessment provider your DLog and take evidence of your previous training course to the course with you, if it is in paper format.  

What about this Expedition Module?

After you've passed the Lowland Leader Award assessment you can choose to attend a two day Expedition Skills Module which is delivered as a combined training and assessment course. The module covers leading overnight expeditions, remote supervision and teaching navigation.  


Lowland Leader Handbook (pdf)

The Expedition Skills Module – Candidate Handbook (pdf)

Mountain Training Lowland Leader Award Training Course Dates

Mountain Training Lowland Leader Award Assessment Course Dates

Mountain Training Lowland Leader Award Expediton Module Course Dates

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